Limoncello is the one spirit which we will make that will not be 100% from Maryland crops, that is until we find a lemon orchard in Maryland.  Limoncello can best be described as "Summertime in a Glass" and there is no better way to finish a meal than to follow it with a shot of Limoncello slowly sipped.  It not only aids in digestion, but it works great as conversation lubrication.


We have something very special in mind for our Rye.  I'm not going to give anything away now, but know it will be worth the wait.  Similar to the bourbon, Rye production will start after we perfect the Vodka. 



Gin is the original flavored vodka, and shortly after our Vodka production was settled we started on the Gin.  Seven botanical are used to create JP Gin; Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root, Liquorish Root, Cinnamon, Lemon Peel and Orange Peel.  As Gins go it is a very smooth floral gin with a Juniper finish.



After we've opened our doors and perfected our Vodka, we will switch gears and start getting Bourbon in barrels for aging.  We plan to use different sizes of barrels to "age" the Bourbon quicker; its a "surface to volume ratio" thing.  We also plan to put Bourbon in the traditional size barrels and age it the tried and true way in order to bring you the best Maryland Bourbon available on the market... its just going to take a awhile to do it. 

Black walnuts make Nocino one of the best tasting digestifs in the world and Maryland is full of black walnut trees.  We plan on harvesting wild black walnuts in May (We know a guy with a large black walnut tree).  Nocino is a pitch black drink that is excellent on its own or in many cocktails, it's even awesome on ice cream

Our Vodka is made from 100% Maryland grown corn, double distilled and charcoal filtered.  Shortly after opening we entered into an international spirits competition and won a Gold Medal.  

Patapsco Distilling Company