Patapsco Distilling Company

The Story (The short version)

Patapsco Distilling Company is the product of years of planning and re-planning by our founder and CEO, Scott Jendrek.  If you'd like the long version of the story, you have come to the distillery and ask.

I have over 22 years of experience in all aspects of producing biologics (vaccines and therapeutics) for human use clinical trials.  I've worked in every area of production upstream, midstream, downstream and fill finish.  Almost all of the equipment for biologics work is identical to the equipment required for a successful distillery.  20 years ago, instead of trying to start a microbrewery, I got married (best decision of my life).  I did however always wonder how that microbrewery would have turned out.  About 8 years ago I started toying with the idea of starting a micro-distillery.  The plan evolved from thought to business plan to pro formas and I could never find the reason not to do it.  About 3 years ago a friend told me about a second distillery that had opened in Maryland, I had planned on being second (I already knew of the first).  I started looking for a location and financial partners and haven't stopped moving forward.  I'm so excited to be at this point in the process and I get even more excited with every step forward.